RDF Products DFP-1010B RS-232 Radio Direction Finding Bearing Processor


Adds Radio Direction Finding Capability To Most Receivers
Fast Bearing Output Rate For True Computer Emulation Of Real-Time Polar Bearing Display
Specifically Designed For Radio Direction Finding In Motion
AM/FM/CW/SSB Demodulation Capability
Simultaneous Radio Direction Finding And Listen-Thu Capability
Selectable Bearing Integration Times
Ultra-Fast Response (down to 35 ms) For Reliable Interception Of Short-Duration Signals
Bearing Track & Hold Feature
Selectable 6/15/30/200 kHz IF Bandwidths
10.7 MHz Or Custom IF Signal Interface With Host Receiver
Reads DF Antenna Model/Band Data From DF Antenna Personality Modules
GPS Receiver & Digital Compass Inputs
Full RS-232 Remote Control Capability With Windows Software Thru Single Com Port
Ideal For Adding Radio Direction Finding Capability To Computer-Controlled Signal Intercept Systems 

pdficon.gif (275 bytes) Download DFP-1010B Product Data Sheet (B01-166k)

pdficon.gif (275 bytes) Download DFP-1010B Operator's Manual (B02-214k)

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