RDF Products DTI-100B DF Bearing Synthesizer


Precision Radio Direction Finding Bearing Calibration Standard
Allows Indoor System Testing Without The Need For A Radio Direction Finding Antenna
Verifies Radio Direction Finding Receiver/Processor Bearing Accuracy
Verifies Radio Direction Finding Receiver/Processor DF Sensitivity
Gain Control For Simplified Equipment Interface
Full 16-Azimuth Selection
High- and Low-Level Signal Outputs
Remote Azimuth Selection Via RS-232
10 MHz Harmonic Comb Generator Serves as Walk-Around Test Transmitter
For Laboratory Or Field Use
Compact, Easy To Operate

pdficon.gif (275 bytes) Download DTI-100B Product Data Sheet (B02-61k)

pdficon.gif (275 bytes) Download DTI-100B Operator's Manual (B01-374k)

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